Dedicated leadership with a proven record of success.


Ground Team

The team engaged working to execute MACCPAC's vision on a day to day basis.


Staff & Volunteers

Arif Hossain

Farhana Islam
Anika Rahman
Amina Wallace



Senior Leadership

Experienced professionals, community leaders and activists on the advisory board providing the strategy.


Bob Morro
Gov't Relations Advisor

Jameel Johnson
Congressional Relations Advisor

Rafi Ahmed
Community Relations Advisor


Board of Trustees

Visionary founders of MACCPAC dedicated to bridging the gap between Muslim Americans and their government.


Dr. Sulayman Nyang, Chairman

Aktar Hossain, National Director

Dr. Amirul Islam, Board Member

Dr. Aziz Siddiqi, Board Member

Ambassador Islam Siddiqui, Board Member