Sponsor a Initiative

Help MACCPAC fulfill their goals and objectives.  We appreciate your support and hope to continue building excellent programming for our community.  You may choose to help MACCPAC's overarching aim or help specific projects.  


Youth Leadership Summit


From December 26-28, MACCPAC is planning to host fifty of the brightest university students to discuss civic engagement from community leaders and political officials.  The total cost of the program will cost $15,000 and your support will be widely appreciated.  See where your contributions are going.  More information →

Contracting 101


On a bi-weekly basis, MACCPAC will host Muslim professionals and provide information related to government contracting, directly from individuals in the contracting space.  For a total of $6,000 MACCPAC is support our community's expansion into government contracting work.




MACCPAC believes in supporting young people that are contributing to their communities.  MACCPAC would like to support ten university students engaged in civic engagement.  The total cost of funding ten students runs at $60,000.  To learn more about how we select students and the application process, please click for More information →



Support MACCPAC in its effort to bring together government officials, politicians and community leaders in order to build stronger bridges.  The average cost of a conference is $15,000.